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This Pyramid was inspired by both The Asian Food Pyramid and MyPlate (USDA). There are numerous Weight Loss and Diet Programs worldwide. Each emphasizes their own Meal Plans, but very little is said about “beverages”. Most diets are derailed because people are less mindful, less conscious about their ‘drink’ choices, unfortunately.  I am Dr. Joy Kamakamaewailani Rodriguez, a Natural Health and Nutrition Consultant, Licensed Massage Therapist and Author of the “What Drinks Are Allowed” Series; Drinks That Derail Diets; Starbucks For Dieters, and Chakra Smoothies. I travel the World teaching “healthy conscious drinking”, and am available to speak at your next group, event, Conference or retreat. So, Contact me today: joy@healthydrinkspyramid.com.

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Gluten Free Mixed Drinks

Are you on a strict diet that does not allow you to consume gluten? Do you have allergies and try to avoid consuming gluten? Nowadays, there are a lot of available food items and drinks that are gluten free.

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Paleo Hot Drinks

It’s very tricky to find beverages that is paleo friendly. Also a lot of drinks that you buy can be high in carbohydrates and sugar and can affect your diet progress. There might be available products that offer low carb and sugar free drinks,but let’s admit it,...

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Sugar-Free Drinks to Help With Diabetes

Having diabetes is a very hard situation. You tend to shy away from food and drinks with high sugar contents and sometimes we just crave the taste of sweetness. There are artificial sweeteners available in the market but let’s all be honest; it does not taste...

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