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You go to the doctor complaining that you haven’t felt quite right lately, that you’ve had headaches and blurred vision, that you’re fatigued, and that your mouth feels parched all the time. The doc performs a few tests and comes back with some bad news diabetes.

The news gets even worse when the doctor gives you a lengthy list of foods you need to avoid. Right at the top is alcohol. That means wine.

If you’re like many people, that kind of news is tantamount to a death sentence because is life really worth living without wine?

Are you nodding your head as you read this? Then you’re in luck. Author Theodore Berland is here to give you some good news in The Diabetic Wine Lover’s Guide. In The Diabetic Wine Lover’s Guide, Berland poses the following question can wine safely fit into a diabetic lifestyle? Based upon a slew of studies, the answer seems to be yes, diabetes and wine are not mutually exclusive.

Using straightforward language to boil down a highly complex subject, Berland’s book walks us through a detailed history of both diabetes and wine, then fuses the two by explaining why wine is generally considered undrinkable for diabetics. This is followed by a detailed exploration of the different sugars and microingredients in wine, and how they affect the human body, specifically that of a diabetic.

Berland clearly has an in-depth understanding of the struggles faced by diabetics and he provides a comprehensive explanation of the steps that must be taken if a diabetic is going to achieve maximum health.

Drinking the right wines, he says, can not only fit into a healthy diabetic routine, but can actually support it.

And you don’t have to take his word on it. He offers a slew of quotes and citations from dependable researchers and doctors.

The Diabetic Wine Lover’s Guide is jam-packed with interesting, actionable information on the subject of wine and its relation to the disease. It is an invaluable addition to the shelves of anyone who hopes to balance their struggle with diabetes with their love of wine. It also makes a great gift for your favorite diabetic wine enthusiast. When you help someone regain their passion for wine, you are proving that you know what truly matters most.

Let’s put it this way as Berland wonders, why is it that the French drink so much wine and eat such rich foods, yet they still have a lower rate of heart disease? The wine, it seems, is not the problem, but how we work it into our day to day lifestyles. And The Diabetic Wine Lover’s Guide explains how to do just that, and it does so in a way that can be understood by any reader.

This isn’t a book that is solely for those who are coping with diabetes. Anyone who is interested in wine, disease management, or holistic living can draw interesting and useful information from Berland’s research. You might even end up learning something that will save someone’s life one day.

But for now, wine is the lifesaver. Drink up and enjoy the read. WARNING: IF YOU ARE AN ALCOHOLIC, DO NOT DRINK WINE. PERIOD.

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