Vegan Diet

Myths about Low Carb Drinks

We all know that the best drink there is, is water. Water has zero carbs and zero sugar and is the best thirst quencher. Also, it is available ANYWHERE. You would not have a problem looking for a clean water source. Also, you can add flavor to your water by...

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Vodka – The Low Carb Drink

We are all familiar with vodka. In every occasion, there will always be vodka. But vodka is not just an ordinary drink because it has a lot of benefits to keep your body healthy. History of vodka is a clear distilled alcoholic beverages made from just water and…

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Top Picks of Alcoholic Beverages with Low Calorie Count

You might be wondering if you can drink alcohol while in a specific or strict diet. Yes, you are keeping your body fit and healthy but sometimes a drink or two is what you might need to be able to relax. Being on a diet, working hard and being on the move every...

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